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The Finnish Psychological Association is an advocate for the professional, financial and social benefits for Finnish psychologists. Its goal is also to inform society about psychology and to increase the use of psychology as a science. The Association was founded in 1957.

The total number of members in The Finnish Psychological Association is currently 8 000. Nearly 90 per cent of licensed psychologists in Finland are members of the Association. 

The Finnish Psychological Association operates productively in a variety of ways. 

  • Our advocacy work aims to advance the status of and employment opportunities for psychologist try to influence authorities, such as the Finnish Parliament and Ministries.
  • We work to improve the salaries of psychologists. We are an active member of “Akava”, the Central Organization of Academic Associations.
  • We promote co-operation between psychologists by, for example, organizing supplementary training and different kinds of events.
  • We do everything in our power to help maintain a high level of professional ethics within psychology. We have approved the Nordic regulations on professional ethics, and we also have a Professional Ethics Board.
  • We publish the professional journal for psychologists. “Psykologi” comes out four times a year, and an up-to-date online version can be found at 
  • We participate in international cooperation between psychologists, both in the Nordic Countries (SAK) and within Europe (EPFA).