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In Finland it is compulsory to earn the Master’s Degree in psychology before working as a psychologist. After earning the degree, the psychologist must apply for and receive the permit to work as a licensed psychologist from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health VALVIRA, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health oversees the psychological practice in Finland. If there are any problems, the Centre can impose sanctions on psychologists. In more serious cases, a psychologist can be denied the right to practice the profession.

Foreign psychologists can apply for licenses to practice the profession from the Centre. The license can only be granted, if the psychologist’s training meets the Finnish training requirements. For more information, please visit the homepage of National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health VALVIRA. See also The Act on Health Care Professionals (pdf).

Approximately 350 new psychologists graduate in Finland every year. The employment situation is good. Therefore only few Finnish psychologists are unemployed. 

In 2021, the percentages of psychologists working in different sectors are as follows:

Municipalities 61 %
Privately employed 16 %
Private practitioners and entrepreneurs 12%
State 6 %
Universities 5 %

Most psychologists work in health care, social welfare, schools and career counselling. Most private practitioners are psychotherapists or neuropsychologists. 

Salaries of psychologists

In the public sector (municipalities and state) the average monthly salary is approximately 4000 €, while in the private sector it is approximately 4500 €.  Psychologists working as full-time private practitioners or entrepreneurs earn an average of 6500 € per month.