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Life-long preventive care

  • Sufficient support for children in early childhood education
    • Secure psychologist services equally in early childhood education regardless of where children live
    • Amend the Early Childhood Education and Care Act to include psychologists as part of the core early childhood education staff
  • School psychologists belong to schools
    • Ensure that the transfer of student welfare services from municipalities to wellbeing services counties goes smoothly and the mandatory staff ratios are enforced
  • Student services throughout the learning path
    • Legislate study psychologist services at institutions of higher education
  • Focus on maintaining working capacity
    • Define occupational healthcare psychologists as occupational healthcare professionals instead of the current specialist status
    • Improve workplace well-being at the organizational level
  • Support for elderly’s mental health
    • Provide low-threshold mental health support for elderly

Equal access to mental health services for all

  • Ensure access to primary mental health services in the wellbeing services counties
    • Investing in prevention  of mental health problems
    • Include extensive mental health services in the treatment time guarantee
    • Improve availability of psychologist services in primary healthcare 
  • Conserve access to rehabilitative psychotherapy equitable all over Finland
    • Retain the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), as the provider of rehabilitative psychotherapy and demanding medical rehabilitation

Attract and keep workers in the fields of healthcare and social welfare

  • Mental health services must be allocated dedicated resources in the wellbeing services counties
    • Designated funding for mental health
    • Ensure jobs in healthcare and social welfare services are attractive
  • Availability of skilled labour requires investments in education
    • Support psychologists’ internships with state funding
    • Make specialist psychologists’ training free of charge
  • Restructure psychotherapists’ education in two levels
    • Transition to a two-level psychotherapist education system in line with the Swedish model